Animation & Film

William Crighton – Dig Your Mind

In 2016 William Crighton asked me if I would be interested in making the video clip for his song Dig Your Mind. I said yes, and I told him that it would take me about 6 weeks to complete. Eleven months later I emailed the finished clip to William. Even though it took me ages to finish, not once did William crack the shits with me, and he always encouraged any weird, new ideas I had. The end product for this clip is quite different from my original pitch. It kept changing as it went along. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Even though I’ve probably listened to Dig Your Mind a thousand times by now while working on this clip, I still really enjoy listening to it, which is a good sign that it’s a rocking song!


Sound From Earth – Summer

Summer Screenshots

At the end of 2012 I was commissioned to do the video clip for the song Summer, by Aussie indie folkrock band Sound From Earth. I was fortunate enough to have Clint and Jules from the band give me a lot of creative freedom on this project. By combining rotoscope and freestyle animation I endeavoured to create a dream journey that grows more colourful and trippy as the song builds up to it’s beautiful and sweeping finish. Definitely one of my all time favourite projects to have worked on.



The Queen of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts Screenshots

The Queen of Hearts was my entry into the Open Road Film Festival 2012. Not only was this my first attempt at animation, but I even managed to come second place! The Open Road Film Festival is a short film competition that challenges film makers to create a short film that must include the already filmed ending. Conceived by Australian film industry legends Bryan Brown & Gregor Jordan, and sponsored by Harley Davidson and Canon, the Open Road Film Festival was an amazing night that I won’t forget any time soon!



All Sydney Roads Lead to Brunswick

All Sydney Roads Lead To Brunswick Screenshots

Sydney Road Brunswick Short Film Competition 2011. The pretty much more or less true story of Brunswick… in under 7 minutes!




not THE END Screenshots

Sydney Road Brunswick Short Film Competition 2010. Sometimes the end is the beginning… When this was screened as part of the festival, a drunk guy up the back yelled out “Play that one again!” Whoever you were drunk guy, you made my night.



Through The Eye

Through The Eye Screenshots

Sydney Road Brunswick Short Film Competition 2009. A girl called Alice falls under the spell of a strange and mysterious statue…



dream of me…

dream of me... Screenshots

Made in 24 hours for the Geelong Shoot Out Film Festival 2008. I was disqualified for submitting my entry 10 minutes late… and I SO would have come first. This short film has it all:  exceptionally good acting, amazing special effects, and a story-line that will have you questioning the very nature of your existence. Actually, I’m not sure what it’s about. 



Honest Gino’s

Honest Gino's Screenshots

Made in 24 hours for the Geelong Shoot Out Film Festival 2007. Gino can do YOU a deal! A fun drinking game to play is whenever someone says “Oh my God!” have a shot. You will be smashed in 5 minutes.



Friends ’till the end & Welcome Back

Friends 'Till The End Screenshots

My first short film. Created for my Year 12 Media class in 1996, “Friends ‘till the end” was such a raging success that it spawned a sequel, “Welcome Back”. Receiving rave reviews (well, Miss Sutherland gave it an A), it is a film about what happens when friendship turns psychotic. It is a story about betrayal, murder… and revenge. It was also the only film submitted that had under-age smoking and the word ‘shit’ in it.

(Actually, this was NOT my first ever short film. The year before, for Year 11 Media, I made a short film about a vacuum cleaner that comes to life and tries to kill its owner. It was awesome. I lent the one and only video copy to a friend to watch and she never returned it. I’m not one to hold grudges, but I will never, ever get over that, and I will never forgive her).