Launched in 2013, Razortown is a t-shirt business I created to bring something new and interesting to the table.  I strive with all my heart to create t-shirt designs that are delightfully subversive and joyfully evocative. Some prints are fun, some are freaky, and some are just a little bit deranged. By drawing inspiration from all the stranger things in life (such as insects and arachnids, carnivorous plants, urban decay, buildings reclaimed by nature, dreams, and nightmares), I hope I have created a range of t-shirts with memorable designs that stand out from the crowd.


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IMG_5705  TBT Arachnophobia Couple Jacki got... 2 Banana Tee V2 IMG_4031 Zener Tee V2  Ink Colour Tee Design A Space Promo Bob Tee V2 SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Praying Mantis Print SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Fly V Trap Print 15941145_1281089738596531_4086162168294950023_n 1490777_10152228575414880_1808776816_o Arachnophobia Couple Razortownie - Ash 10494802_729142470465256_5660886957534993798_n Cocky Hanger TV Front SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Matches Front SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Ashy Tee Trilogy Of Terror Tees My Favourite Mandible Knife To Meet You Blood For Papa 1380497_10151957398927139_2071429309_n The Spider and The Fly The Spider and The Fly R is for Razortown